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Where Quality Food Meets dining adventure.

“Inside Morocco” offers diners a portal to another world. An exquisite intersection where the lush beats of Africa greet the sun-kissed flavours of the Mediterranean, the sophisticated notes of Europe, and the age-old traditions of the Bedouin tribes, this restaurant is a veritable feast for the senses.

Every dish at Inside Morocco is a tapestry of tales. Journeying from the vibrant streets of Marrakech to the vast expanses of the Sahara, our menu captures the spirit of time-honoured recipes, enriched and innovated for the contemporary palate. The tantalising scent of tagines, infused with hints of coriander, preserved lemon, and sweet dates, beckons diners to embark on a culinary odyssey.

While the essence of Morocco pulsates through every aspect of the restaurant, Inside Morocco also honours the global touchpoints that have enriched Moroccan cuisine. A dash of Andalusian zest, a whisper of French savoir-faire, or a nod to the vast African continent – every dish serves as a tribute to the expansive influences that Moroccan cooking has embraced over centuries.

Whether you’re yearning for the familiar or eager to venture into the unknown, Inside Morocco promises more than just a meal—it offers an experience. A place where moments are savoured, stories are shared, and memories are crafted.

So, venture to Magill Road in Stepney, step inside our Moroccan sanctuary, and let Inside Morocco envelop you in a culinary embrace like no other.

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